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“When passion is accompanied with curiosity, courage and creativity then you are on the way to Wonderland, place from where you will never want to come back“

Biljana Jurukovski  (42) is a Macedonian Australian Award Winning Photographer who has always been inspired and amazed by the diverse and beautiful expressions of different cultures. 


Biljana’s art is a culmination of her passion, love, and respect for other cultures and traditions; her art depicts a graceful world where strength and pride are engraved on the faces of the people photographed. Biljana considers herself an explorer and adventurer with a great passion for photography. Biljana sees photography as a medium for communication between people. She has traveled in many countries on the five continents through some of the most remote areas and she has faced very challenging situations in the quest to bring closer to all of us the beauty of diversity. 


Her aim is through photography to create discussions about different cultures, their way of living and to present beauty in a very unique way. She also wants to challenge the traditional way of how we see the beauty and to provoke and lead viewers to engage in conversations about the concept of beauty. 

“ It is a call for all the women to reshape our own perceptions of how we view ourselves and realize that being different and unapologetically ourselves is the most beautiful thing”


“Somewhere in the middle of a journey, journey of my self-discovery I became aware of the existence of a beautiful kaleidoscopic world of cultural diversities and I fell in love so much that I refused to go back into the monochromatic world”

Welcome to my Tribal Muses World!!!

My “Tribal Muses “series are collections of intimate portraits from some of the most unique, ancient, mystical and exotic human inhabitants of this world. They are my Muses that are rebellious, wild and untamed. They have been my unstoppable force in pursuing my dreams. They are a vision of women’s strength, beauty, and dignity. They are wildflowers hard to find and once found is impossible to forget them. Most of the photographs in Tribal Muses have been taken under very challenging circumstances due to the remoteness of the locations, lack of amenities and presence of tribal wars. 

Tribal Muses-SURI – is a collection of intimate portraits from Suri/Surma tribe that resides on the border between Ethiopia and South Sudan. What makes Suri one of the most iconic tribes is their imagination and artistic skills when it comes to beautification and being fashionable in their own way. They use their bodies as the canvases, painting unique arts on their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them, such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns. Their art is endlessly inventive, magical and natural.

It’s been a hell of a ride across a long dusty road. But that’s how I like it. Welcome to my journey- journey of my self-discovery through photography, journey where fear has been defeated by curiosity, a journey where I found beauty in places where most of the people will not think will be found.I’m still the curious child that never wants to grow old, the child with thousands of questions, restless soul with a beating rebel heart. But now I have many more stories to tell, stories of love, beauty, and passion. I want to share my stories through photography, stories that go beyond the world of poverty, beyond the fear of the unknown places; I want the world to see the beauty, the creativity, the pride of the tribal people.

Love from Biljana and her Tribal Muses