Published inArt Reveal Magazine no.51, December 2019

Published in Dek Unu Magazine-December 2019 issue

Published in Silvershotz Magazine-November,2019 issue

Published in A5 Magazine-September, 25 2019 issue

Published in “WOTISART”-PorfolioMagazine-September 2019 issue

Published in LensMagazine issue #58-July,2019 issue

Published in Empower Your Soul Magazine-June,2019 Issue

Published in International Photography Magazine “La Fotografia”-March 2019 Issue

Portfolio “ Painted Souls” featured by Dodho Magazine

Porfolio “ Tribal Muses” featured by humanitarian website My Modern Met

Selected by Jimmy Nelson Foundation for 2020 project on documenting and researching the world’s last indigenous cultures from the participant's own personal perspective.

Ten photographs from the “Tribal Muses” portfolio broadcasted from December 2019 to February 2020 at the largest digital facade in Europe, “ Verone BuildingFacade”. 164 Rue Ambroise Croizat, La Plaine, Saint-Denis, Pari

Portfolio “Tribal Muses” published in the book “ 12th Macedonian Photographers”

Featured in The Talents of The Year 2019 Photobook by The Independent Photographe

Part of the exhibition “Africa in Macedonia” from 28th of November in Museum od Macedonia, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Winning Photograph “Call of the Wild”–on exhibition by The Independent Photographer in Berlin: Best of 2018/19 in CLB Berlin–November 8, 2019–November 17, 201

Winning Photograph “Call of the Wild”–on exhibition by The IndependentPhotographer in Barcelona: Best of 2018/19 in Alalimon Galeria, Barcelona, Spain October 17 ,2019–October 21, 2019.

Portfolio “Tribal Muses”–exhibition on 2nd Annual Africa Photo Festival–Harlem, New York, September 2019.

Image “ Flower Of Kibish”–on exhibition at Affordable Art Fair Fall 2019 at the Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC, September 2019

Image from “Tribal Muses “portfolio on exhibition in New York, March 2019

Honorable Mention in Portrait Category, 14th Julia Margaret awards, 2019

Moscow International Foto Awards-Bronze Medal in Portraits category, 2019

Top 10 photographers for Tribal Muses-The Avant-Garde of the Tribal World-Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2019-Portrait category

Top 10 photographers for Vevchanski Carnival-synonym for culture and tradition-Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers 2019-Travel category


Winner - “Independent Photographer” – People and Portraits category

Top 20 – Australian Photographer of the year - 2018

Finalist in Siena International Photography Awards

Semi Finalist in Head on Festival – Sydney, Australia

Gold Artist and published in Art Ascent Art and Literature Magazine, February 2018

“Tribal Allure” – Portraits of Humanity – Editors Pick for Guardian Newspaper

Tribal Allure - 1854 Media London, image used for press campaign of Portraits of Humanity

Honorable Mention 13th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Woman Photographers , 2018

Portfolio “Tribal Muses” – exhibition on 4th Macedonian Film Festival – Sydney, October, 2018


Overall winner in the annual “Heritage bank photography awards” for 2017

Overall winner in Olympus and Camera House competition.

Winner in PDN World in Focus 2017 and featured in photography magazine PDN.

Top 10- People and Portraits - Australian Photographer of the year 2017

Top 20- Travel- Australian Photographer of the year 2017

Finalist in the Big Picture competition and featured in Sydney Morning Herald on 3 separate occasions in the Traveller section.

Finalist in Ariano Film Festival photo contest 2017 and portfolio of “Beauty inspired by nature” exhibited in Ariano Film Festival.

Honourable Mention in the Motif Collective portrait completion in 2017. 

Finalist in Portrait category for “The Top Emerging Photographer for 2017”

Commended Photographer Award in the portrait category for “Photographer of the year 2016” organised by Australian Photography Magazine.

Winner in photo contest “People” by Photocrowdwith image “Chike and Jojo”

Image “Tribal Madonna” – was one of the “22 eye-popping cultural images for 2016 in Guru Shot Magazine.

Image “The Eagle Hunter” was selected as “Photo of the Day” by National Geographic Magazine.


“Eye Blink” exhibition as part of Head on Sydney Festival.